Wednesday, March 30, 2005

How is your Spiritual Life going On?

Long long time ago, when I was 14 years old I remember I had a really weird and deep conversation, considering my age, with a person that I had a crush on. And I consider it strange, because I called her by phone just to say hello and to know how was everything going on with her, and it wasnt to long since we started talking when she asked me the following question: "so, how is your spiritual life going on" She definetely caught me off guard with that, I never saw that one coming. Did I have a honest answer for that?, was my spiritual life going on well?, did I ever considered that fact? Right after that, she began sharing with me about her daily walking with God and how He was doing great things through her. I just couldnt take the first question out of my mind. I had to be honest, my relationship with God, was not the best at that point of my life and it just ashamed me to accept that fact. Ever since then, that simple question, heard more than 10 years ago, still I can hear and won´t leave me alone. And everytime I am not in the best terms with my Lord, that question would hunt me until I realize that I have to repent and hold myself to the source of life. You can lie to your pastor, to your family, to your friends, to the entire world, but you can not lie and hide it from God. For He knows the intentions of our hearts. We better come to Him and stop struggling and we will find peace of mind and the joy of salvation.

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Nancy Hernandez said...

agreed, amen!!!