Thursday, July 03, 2008

Mission Accomplished

So as planned, I spent a bit over two months in Splendor on the shipyard and it turned out to be one of the most incredible travelling experiences I ever had. I had the opportunity to taste what is to live on land while having a job. Workwise, it was a great school for me, I learned different stuffs about setting up the food and beverage areas and met a lot of important persons. I even got lot closer to God during this time, partly I believe because I did realize how much I'd need of Him to go through this particular time. I tried to live to its maximun every minute I spent, cuz like C.S. Lewis says, our present is that tiny fraction of time that disappear right before we can imagine and then becomes part of our past and remains in our memory until it fades away with the years.
I am now deciding what I want to do with my near future, 6 months ago I was pretty much convinced that this would be my last one. I still believe I need to find new horizons, but since I want to buy a home, if I don't get something else I would still need to stay here. I feel I am in a situation where a radical decision must be taken and so I keep on praying for God's guidance.
I am now back in M/S Freedom, I traveled from Genova to Venice via Rome, the airline lost my luggages and I almost missed the ship because I was waiting on a long line to file a lost claim, but thanks God I made it safely to the ship. My luggages are still lost but I have confidence that they will be found. In the meantime, I will spend a couple of days re-adjusting to this ship once again and will try to enjoy the european ports before going back to Panama next month.