Saturday, April 02, 2005

Is it possible to have reached the last day?

Many, many months ago, when I first step on this ship, I knew it was going to be a long way to walk, I can tell of many stories, sad ones, and happy ones, that will remain in my memory for some years, but finally the time is over, days of hard work are over, or at least for couple of months. This week has been the longest ever. I can't wait to take my stuffs out of the ship and walk as a free man (figurative talking). Anyway, I'll be spending a day in L.A., I am still trying to figure out what's the best thing to do while in here, and then I'll be flying to Tulsa, OK. where I plan to spend some days with my brother in Christ, Tim, who I met in my country couple of years ago. I've been praying for this time, to be a special one. And then finally, if everything goes fine, I'll be flying back to home. Ahhhh...Panama! I'll be back in time for dad's b-day....shoot, talking about that, I haven't thought about what to give him as a present. Hopefully, I'll figure it out. As you can see, my mind is long gone off this place, it is flying on its own, day-dreaming about what's to come during this leisure time. I am happy for what God has allowed me to accomplish during these months. I've grown in all aspects, not fully indeed, but I am in the process. As I see things, I consider I could be doing some other things, but yet here I am, and God knows better than me the reason, I just want to keep on walking in His will for my life, for whatever He has prepared as a purpose for my life is way better than anything I could want to, or live, or accomplish.
I close this chapter of my life with this entry on my blog.


Willer said...

Hey! Maybe you could get a job with Disney Cruise Lines! I bet you'd enjoy that a lot better.

Josh said...

lol, thanks but it is the same"
how u doing?