Saturday, May 29, 2004

My Last Hours at Panama

I realized just three days ago that I were to leave my country to get back to my job at Carnival Cruise Lines (USA). So I ve been so busy doing my bags and getting ready (keep in mind, that traveling abroad is never an easy task) My parents are sooo sad, mom is already missing me and so is sista is sort of happy in a way, she inherited my brand new cell phone and my disc! little sisters!! I think I will miss my family so much, I came back a month and a half from USA and Ive learned to love them in a new way. To have them so far away is hard and sad. Anyway, I told my friends about my sudden departing and they got surprised. Ariel who is not very affective and open was like "are u serious?" he couldnt believe it and in a way I think both of us got sad cuz I told him about it today and he is outside of the city so we wont see each other. Deyda and Sandra my very good friends from church agreed to go out after church service saturday night but something went wrong and couldnt meet, indeed I talked with them and we were very sad we could not be able to see each other again until I come back...shoot! i am getting an emotional minute... lol. Anyway its been so fast that I didnt even had time to visit my only living grandpa. I will call him just before taking the plane. He is very sick, and what get me sadder is the fact of probably not seeing him again alive.
To make things worse today I had the opportunity to see how difficult and uncomfortable and even dangerous is for a friend to go to church...its so far and she lives in a very dangerous zone, so when she gets back from church late in the night, she is in danger of being harmed by a gangster and EVEN SO, she wants she needs (according to herself) to go to church... I live only 17 min away from same church, I can take a bus ( I dont have a car yet) and get there, but I wont do it cuz I dont like to take buses, so I my parents cant go for any reason, then I cant go too. I dont live in a so dangerous neighboorhod, I am not that far away from church, I am not that poor like her, and I am just not grateful for all those blessings God has given to me!!!! Shame on me! But I realized that bymyself which is good and repented and told My Jesus that I would be doing more to be grateful and more to reach ppl for Him. He is so good! all the time, he is merciful, loyal to me and He deserves my dedication to serve Him and grow in Him.
Other than that, I had a great time with God today at church, worshiping Him and in conmmunion with Him! God is Awesome, He rocks"

Friday, May 28, 2004

The Best Long Term Investment

Today at church this preacher was talking about what happens when you havent set properly your priorities. He used Mary and Martha story with Jesus, when He was teaching at Maria´s place. Mary was so busy trying to fulfill all pending tasks and was so stressed with it that she forgot that spending time with the One who fulfills everything trough Him was the best option to take. Instead, Martha understood that investing in a healthy relationship with Jesus was way better. She took her time to listen to Him, listen to His wisdom, to the Living Word. Everything else was secondary at that moment. So many times I use to get worry and I find myself concerning about my future, about getting a better job, about getting a great car, about so many wordly things that I just dont have enough time to think in anything else but the ways to reach it. I dont even get time for having quality prayer time, quality praise and worship time, and listening to Gods voice. Just like Mary I find myself trying to over all things fulfill "my" dreams doing everything possible, and with that I get stressed, depressed, angry, sad, mad etc when things doenst work out. This preacher stated that nothing I have and could ever have belongs to me, not my time, not my health, efforts, kids, even wife...any moment I could get deadly sick, children will grow up and leave afterwards my xtreme effort to rise them, and even my wife can either die or leave me, who knows??? and all the heavy effort invested on it gets losts, so in the end I will find myself alone, frustrated, and without a purpose. However if I decide to have Jesus Christ first in my life, I spend time praying, reading His Word, growing up my relationship with Him, I will not only enjoy everything else, but even when grieve time comes I will be able with Gods support to overcome it. In the hipotetically event that my family abandom me, and I get deadly sick and I got economically ruined, and friends ignore me, I will still have a forever supportive and friendly father, friend and God. He promises me that He will take care of me, and thats what counts! Mostly girls who thinks that body beauty is everthing and spend a bunch of money on tanning, gym, diets and those things (which is not bad) age will come and destroy it. Nothing last forever, only your experiences with Jesus will last. The more you study and know Him, the more awesome experiences you will have with Him, the more you obey Him you will get rewarded, not only here but in Heaven where you will have treasures that wont corrupt and no thief can take away.
There was this wise british person, had 8 doctor degree, was one of the most influential personalities in his country, had everything, money, fame whatever, you name it. He was a Jesus follower as well. One day, when he was 92 he was diagnosed with Alzaimer disease. Now for those who dont know whats that, it is a disease where you start forgetting things, and eventually you cant remember nothing at all, even your name, the inside of your own home and you even forget your family members, cant remember their faces, and names. Well when this guy turned 96 he was just in the worst part of this illness and once he said..."I can not remember my name, I get lost inside my own house, but there is one thing that I can not forget and that is Jesus Christ my Saviour" YOu see, at the end when age comes nothing can last forever, I can achieve all possible doctors degree and can be the most influential person in the world, I can be as rich as Bill Gate and as smart as King Solomon but all those things will pass and ONLY what I invested with Jesus Christ will last forever and ever. Thats why I get frustrated with myself, I only spend 5 min. praying and barely read the Bible, I rather spend time watching BS TV programs, and online and almost nothing on what its supposed to be my short, medium and long term investment...what a bad investor I am... at the end what will last and worth is if I was an obedient son, honest person, happy, full of love and joy, peace and all the fruits of the Spirit.
I want to finish my essay with this awesome example of braveness and honor.
Tertuliano was the first ever openly defender of christianity. He lived after Jesus period. He is the example of the christian I want to be. He preached all around to people, he set example with his own life, and people started to listen to him. One day Herodes put him on jail and told him that he was going to do something terrible with him if he didnt stop preaching. Herodes threatened him to send him away from his country, family and friends to a place where there was nobody to live with and even talk with. He said, "No problem, even in such a situation I wont be absolutely alone" Herodes got madder and told him, "ok, I will take away from you all your possesions, lands, money and you will be broken" Tertuliano said "no problem, God will provide what I need" Herodes was getting really really pissed off and he said "you think you are smart huh, I will take away your life" and Tertuliano said, "For me to live is Christ and to die is winning" (trying to translate that verse from spanish). Life can take from me and you money, they can take away health, family, loved ones, job, house, car, friends and even my own life, but what it can not take away from me is JESUS CHRIST. If I am mistreated here on earth because of Him, he will support me, if i am killed I will meet Him. So there is no way to be a LOSER...not a chance!
Give it a try!!! Its the Best ever investment

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Working 2Get the Crown of Life

Hi world, couple of minutes ago, I decided to have my own blog space...
I decided to name it like I did, cuz in the end of everything, what I want to reach is the so named crown that is meant to be for me. Unfortunately is not Spain King crown, however is a better one and it is waiting for me. So working to get a crown is just a phrase that make me remember that like everything to be aquired needs to be worked to get it. I am working on my attitud toward specific things in my life, I am working on my weaknesses that hold me to sin and some other stuff`s. I so want, and God knows that its true, that I want to obey Him the way He wants me to do it. Life is not easy, temptation is always around the bend waiting to assault you. Our red tailed enemy knows that if you are not strong enough those temptations will make you fall so easy. That just makes evident that we need to hold ourself strong to the ROCK the One who will make us stand firm through temptation, depression, loneliness and whatever it comes. Apostle Paul said that to run and to fight till the end of the race is what I am supposed to do in order to get the award. Jesus said "I won´t let you alone and down ever" With those two things in mind there´s no excuse to get the Crown.