Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Trap for Sparrows

There was a small girl who truly seemed to believe in the power of pray. Their parents were often surprised of the vigor with which she prayed and her unshakeable confidence in God who had listened to her prayers and not only that, but was in the process of answer them on the way she wished.
One day, her older brother built a small trap to hunt sparrows and that seemed to the small girl repugnant. She felt pain for the birds that could get hurt and hunt and she got angry with her brother because of what he was doing.
When he refused to respond to her discussions and requests, she informed him and her entire family "I am going to pray for this". Three nights later, her face was radiating while she prayed during her devotional time, expressing with absolute faith her security in which the traps were not going to work, and that no bird would get hurt. After finishing her prayer, her mother asked to her: "Daughter, how can you be so sure about this?" The small one smiled and said: "Because I went out three days ago and broke the trap myself"

Although it would be little wise to take all things in our hands, it will always be wise by beginning to put all our matters in the absolutely able hands of God.

Pray as if everything depended on God and works as if everything depended on you.

James 2:26 says: faith without works is dead.

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