Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Achieving another Goal in Life

Many years ago, when I began working with people and dealing with working relationships at different level, I instantly knew this was something I would love and enjoy doing it. Upon coming back to Panama, things did not turn out the way I had intended and I ended up studying a master degree in business and human resources administration. I always thought the working experience I enjoyed abroad, opened my horizons and perspective. It added a lot to my life. Studying at college an MBA not only provided me with the latest tools of administration at all levels, but made me realize that acquiring knowledge in a continuing way of all sort is so important if you want to make a difference. Of course, although knowledge and been smart is good and important, more important is to be wise. Wisdom is the ability to use the knowledge and intelligence in a proper and effective way.

Anyways, I finally ended up after the longest 15 months and I reckon it was stressful, challenging, but kept my brain and neurons active. I have to thank God for allowing me the financial means to achieve so, my good ol' friends Alexis and Ariel for been so understanding in numerous times and all those people I have learned to love in the past 2 years who know share part of my life. So many times did I want to spend my leisure time on the beach, at a restaurant, on the park, just about anywhere to share and celebrate our relationships, but I had to sacrificed many of those for the sake of been responsible with the studies.
2010 is almost gone, and can happily say that I am satisfied with this new achievement and hope to make sense of this in addition to the rest of competencies and abilities I have been gifted with to be part of those who make a difference and bring integral solutions in every level wherever God's will lead me to.

Special thanks to Dad and Mom who supported me in many different ways and encouraged me to finish it up during a very difficult situation back on february.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Mom's Legacy

Every-single-day must be a good day to say "I love you mom" and really mean it, not just from the lips-out.

While I am sitting here at a very slow and extremely rainy day at work, thinking, hey...I should be home with mom and the gang, sitting on the couch and sipping tea as probably everyone does on a mother's day I have to think about the legacy that her life has left so far in my life.

I have to remember that though been an imperfect woman, she has shown determination, courage and lots of love.

I do remember vivid episodes of changes she had to make in her character in order to be a better mom and wife. I recall this phase in our family life when she would come home after a long day of work and find such a mess the house and three kids throwing the house upside down and she would get real mad. But after the years passed by and she became maturer she would recognize that loosing her temper would just not change the situation and would just do worse than good. I remember this one time when she came to a messed up home after her work shift and I was expecting her to become mad and she did not. She began calmly giving instructions to set up everything again.

As a young boy I noticed that change and it really made an impact in my life. Today I look back and I can see how her love for her terrible children drove her to make changes in her character for the better raising up of us.

I have to recall all the times when she would be the most influential person in her family (still is)(uncles, grandparents) and would be the first person to be there for them and bring them to make a prayer to God for healing, for consolation, during birthdays and funerals. She became the person to turn during bad weathers and continues to be. Somehow, her life was shaped throughout the years to become what she is and be the support so many people badly need in their hospital's beds.

Special mention to the occasion when she fought a breast cancer and won. I was at the time majoring as a physical therapist and never thought I would have to be involved that much into my mom's physical rehab. Though there was this one particular time, she thought she was not going to make it, she never gave up and the strength God invested in her she hung up to it like a hanger to a clothes bar. She became a stronger woman from that particular experience almost 10 years ago.

This woman is my mom. I am a blessed man to have her as my mom. I could have been born somewhere else perhaps, but God allowed me to be part of a Pandales-Garcia family.

Love you mom.