Thursday, March 24, 2005

When the enemy gets upset about christian effectivenes

It´s been almost two months since I started to attend the christian meetings onboard. It has been a great source of blessings for my life. I have to admit that when I first came almost 10 months ago, I was in the fire of the Spirit, and my spiritual life was in a constant movement forward, but after the months were passing and problems started to pop up I found myself sort of alone in this spiritual war and suddenly I started to feel that I was being swallowed up and I started to give in to satan lies. There was a time when I no longer could feel Him around/and in me, and I got depressed, sad and angry. It is funny, cuz when you loose the perspective of the cross for whatever reason, your focus change and you no longer understand what is really going on. We tend to forget or ignore the spiritual reality that we can not see but is sure real, and we start to fall and fall and fall and wonder what´s going on, why we cannot live in victory. And then this christian meetings appears out of the blue in my life (God provides us always what we really need) I started to attend and almost instantly, right away, I began to win almost all of my battles agains satan, the world and my flesh. That is exactly why we are told in the Bible to get toguether with brothers and sisters in Christ to help each other and support each other in our prayers and conversations. There are to many people out there who think that they dont need to go to a church, because they read the Bible and they pray in their homes right before falling asleep, but that is a lie of satan. We were designed to interact ones with others, we are not meant to live alone by ourselves without noone who shares with us and viceversa. When we decide not to be accountable to others in Christ we become an easy stationary target for the missiles of the enemy to make us stumble and eventually fall down. Jesus Christ himself surrounded of the twelves, to teach them and share with them. When we are alone, must of the time we are not effective outgoing christian, we don´t represent any kind of threaten to him, but when we all toguether in Christ stand firm and live by faith the darkness kingdom start to shake down. And to prove that, yesterday we were witnesses of satan unhappiness toward us. We meet on one of the officers mess and we have been there for the last month and half, and we keep the door open and we sing songs with a guitar and cymbals and we make noise and people would peer in to see whats going on. We as christians and light of this world and salt of the world we decided to meet in a place where we could be heard and seen, so people could join us and learn of Jesus Christ salvation. We could´ve easily decided to meet in other non-public places where we could have some privacy, but that is hiding the chandelier under a basket. So people know that we are there. People talk and now almost everyone knows about us. They have a chance to understand and learn about Jesus, and satan is furious about that. So yesterday one officer came up and yelled at us, he was angry about the hours and the noise. He could´ve called security and we could´ve been kicked out of there, and to be honest I got scared of that, of creating a drama, a problem. But then after thinking and thinking about that, God revealed to me that should we be kicked out and persecuted and pointed out as crazy for His sake, we must still stand firm in our faith and be effective in our ministries. ("whoever wants to save his life shall lose it, and whoever loses his life for My sake, shall find it" Jesus´words) So we prayed right there to cast away the devil and decided to keep on having our meetings there. We are missionaries and we are spreading His gospel, we are not doing nothing wrong, but Satan will try to make us think that, and will try to tear us down. By the way, also the officer mess cleaner interrupted us so many times, because he wanted to clean that place. The devil thinks he is gonna scare us and frighten us, but in Christ we are the winners.


crazyforJesus said...

Hey there bro, it was good hearing from you. I am at a place in my christian walk where I don't feel like I belong here , it's these moments I fight & trust God, just as you will fight as well.
If God be for us , who can be against us. Though they destroy this body, they can NOT have our hearts which belong to Jesus Christ. later crazyforJesus

Josh said...

Amen. It just remind me about all those times when christians around the world were persecuted and executed because of their faith in Jesus Christ. I don't wish to die in that way, but if that is what it'd take to show the people that the One I trust is alive and with me, then that'd be.