Friday, March 04, 2005

Finding Freedom through Forgiveness

What happens when we choose not to obey one of God's commanments? In Mathew 5:44 Jesus Christ says "Love your enemies, bless those who damn you, do good to those who hates you and pray for those who hurt you" In my particular case, I had been living wrongly (in sin) for the last four weeks. As I posted before, I got this new roommate about a month ago, and I didn't like him since the very first minute he walked in with his stuffs. I didn't like the way he looked, I didn't like the fact that he was a cook (sous chef), I didn't like the fact that he comes from this particular country, mainly because my lack of understanding and knowledge of his culture, and then as I found out troughtout the weeks, he annoyed me with the way he behaved, like making noise when entering in the cabin while I was sleeping, making phone calls at 1:00 in the morning speaking out loud, the fact that he doesnt take shower frequently and since he works in the kitchen, and never cleaning the cabin but making it dirty. All this things are valids reasons to get upset at someone, but there I got lost, because instead of trying to talk to him and find a way out, I just kept that to myself and began to grow angrier and angrier giving satan a foothold in my life. I reached a point where I wouldn't even talk to him anymore, and I was being deceived by the enemy, who knows that if he can makes us believe something or blind us from seeing the truth, he gains control over that particular area in our life. God made us free when he got victorious over the death, he wants us to take that freedom and live it. The enemy knows he cannot touch our soul, we are now property of Jesus Christ, but as long as he can keep us from believing that truth he can control us and make our lives miserable. Although I had been working hard in my relationship with God, there was still something that was blocking the way. When we give satan a foothold in our lives, we start to face defeats in our daily battles, we found ourselves in bondage to sin, and then satan second most powerful weapon comes into action. He accuses us saying "what kind of christian you say you are", "maybe God doesnt love you the same way he used to" and all these are lies, God will never stop loving us, however we are responsible to choose to grab the freedom we have inherited in Him, and grow in Him and then we will experiment victory over our lives. In this case, God helped me to understand this before it got worse and couple of days ago I talked to him, and I apologized for my non-christian behaviour toward him and I made it up to him. When we choose not to obey what God ask us, we loose our freedom to satan and he gains control over us and can make us if we dont realize soon, draw us away from his prescence. Right there, I felt like something changed instantanously, like something was broken, and I know, that it was the bondage that the enemy had over me in that particular case. Now I can even breath something different in my cabin. I thanks to Jesus Christ the bondage breaker.

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