Wednesday, March 09, 2005


I think I've been too long onboard this ship. I've got already 9 months and I think the saddest part of it is not to see people leaving for vacation but watching them come back again. Lol, they come from vacation all happy and full of energy and when they see me, they get surprised, they would say "oh, you still here"? And I'd say, yes, yes I am still here. But I'll be done very soon. Three more weeks and I'll be out of here. It's not that I hate here, but I miss home. Today I got almost the whole day off, so I decided to go out on a walk to the beach. It was a gorgeous day outside here, having in consideration that we are in winter in this part of the world. But it was all the way sunny and a lot of fresh breeze blowing around. I did walk some on the beach and then stopped for a rest. I decided to take a city tour on one of those touristic sides-open buses, but it never came back again, so I am quite disappointed. I am kind of getting to see some new places before my time is over. At this point in my life, if there are three things that I long really bad, are growing my spiritual life, get to see my family, friends and capture some good images with my camera.

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