Saturday, March 26, 2005

Same day, one Year Ago

Same day one year ago, I would have spent a week over my friend's place in Piqua, Ohio. And I totally forgot about the fact that it was during a week like this one, a year ago, that I visited him upthere. It hit my mind, when I saw all these easter eggs around carried by childrens, when I got my memory refreshed. It was a wonderful week spent with Travis and his family. I loved it. For sure is going to be one of thoses memories that hopefully are gonna last longer in my head. Travis I met thanks to my lil sister, about 2 or 3 years ago. He came to Panama on a mission trip with a bunch of kids and he met my sister because of her position as an interpreter for them. So, they kept in touch by emails and messenger and next year he came back to Panama again, and it was during that time that I met him. My sister told me about him and we happened to be together on the same mission trip to Piriati. I got to know him better during those days we spent away from civilization, we got to talk about our dreams, and about what God had done in our lives, and we connected in a way that would draw us really close. I remember that he had to fly back home earlier than planned because of a family situation and we said good-bye on the hotel. That scene is still fresh. We were two boys who learned to love each other in a david-jonathan way. So ever since then we have grown closer even though we are distant. So last year by this time, I managed to go to his place in Ohio, in it was such a thrill. I also got to see and talk to his youth pastor who also I happend to meet at a time, and it couldn't be better. It is sad that I don't have to many pictures of that week as I would've liked, but the few ones I have, brings smiles and happiness to my life when I see Travis, Carol and James. I hope someday soon we get to see each other and share more of our lives.

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