Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Its funny because...

Today I just realized that my english pronunciation really sucks, and its funny, because I knew that since ever, but today it just hit me the fact that one of the guys that works here and whose english is really bad told me "hey, you know what? you need to correct your pronunciation" I mean, coming from someone who hardly can communicate even basic ideas... and can't really understand very much....puff. (if it had come from a british or an american, it's ok still) It just hit me real bad. I thought before taking this job that since I'd be talking all the time english and I'd be in a totally english-speaking environment I'd eventually improve; bad news....not at all. In here you'll find chinese-english pronunciation, philiphines-english pronunciation, italian-english pronunciation and all sort of european countries with their own distorted english pronunciation, or as someone well said, broken-english. Yeah, you have to give me a break, there is no way to improve in here, I could even get worse. I really need to take a course.
On the really bad note of the week, last sunday two of my collegues signed off, vacation time and nobody came to cover them, so now instead of four supervisors, we are two, and I am overloaded with work and stress. It's really bad stuff being alone taking care of so many things at the same time and everyone kicking my butt. If I make it throughout the week without dying, I'll consider myself a champ.
And one thing that I love about this kind of job where I am at, is that unlike in a normal office or company you get the same boss like forever, and if he is a real bad, demanding and rude, you get him like forever...here, last sunday the chef de cuisine went off vacation. Now if you must now, he is the kind of person that hates everyone and everyone hates. Completely rude, mannerless and unfair. He yells all the time, insult you, and hurt you and thinks he is always right, thinks he is god-like. He is gone for vacation, and wont come back to this same ship, he goes to a different when he comes back. So chances are, that I wont see him again, at least I think. So, it is kind of a lottery issue. You get good bosses and bad ones and you get them for a period of time and then they go and you get all nervous wondering how would be the coming one. For my good luck, this new chef is class of person. good one.

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