Friday, January 28, 2005

Daily Stuff

Two weeks ago my last roommate was changed to other cabin, because he is a waiter and my cabin is intended to be only for management position, but I tell you, he was one of the best rommies I’d ever have. No problem of any kind, he is not a smoker, wouldn’t drink inside the cabin, wouldn’t bring girls or friends while I was in sleeping or just hanging in there. He was clean, two times a day shower, change of bed linen on a weekly basis and very respectful. If I was sleeping he wouldn’t make unnecessary noise like singing or talking over the phone. He was the perfect roomie to have. But as I said, he was changed and in turn I got a new sign on, who is a Sous Chef. Now, this guy is a complete mess; as he works in the kitchen he gets smelly and dirty, the least I could expect from him is to take shower when he finish his duty, however, he comes to the cabin, takes off his smelly cook jacket and hang it on the hanger like if it were a freshener, giving the whole cabin a peculiar nasty odor. He brings his friends over and start drinking inside, no respect at all. If I am sleeping he comes in, turn lights on, make phone calls and speaks in a high tone of voice like if I weren’t there. Then, next day in the morning he takes he well necessary shower and comes out, but leave inside the bathroom his nasty used underwear and socks hanging on the hanger giving a very ugly smell to the bathroom. Now, you would think that I have the courage to ask him to change his bad habits that are freaking me out, but I just can’t figure out how to do it without offending him.

On the positive note, yesterday I found out that there is a Christian meeting going on here on board twice a week. It’s just recent. I mean, I’ve been here for almost 8 months and just now there is a Christian meeting going on. It is definitely a good thing to be around the family of Christ, sharing and holding on together as member of the same family of God. It’s just a shame that we hadn’t that earlier, but at least is a start. I am really looking forward to it. Today I will attend as my first time.

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