Monday, February 21, 2005

What's going On

There is not much going on around here, the usual things, a bunch of work, a bunch of water and sky and the daily battle for victory over my spiritual life. Lately I've been up to a Bible study about spiritual warfare and how we are not victorious because of satan deceptions and lies that he constantly tries to put on our minds. I am amazed at how much and frequent the apostol Paul enphazised throughout all his epistoles about how easy is for us to be deceived and put down because of a lack of knowledge of our position in Christ, our identity. We most of the time tend to forget that we have all Christ autorithy and power over the evil and the dark kingdom to stand firm and stay free from bondages and sin just because we are in Him who was given all the power and authorithy upon his death and resurrection from the cross to cast away the devil and his lies. It's interesting and really helpful to carry out a holy life according to His Word.
On the sad note of the week, the leader of the christian group we have onboard, signed off last sunday for vacation, so now it's everyone else to try to guide the studies. I am so gonna miss Teo, a man of wisdom in God who challenges me to stay firm irregardless of the circumstances. And to top if off, yesterday night the one of the important member of our group got sick and was transferred urgently to a hospital in San Diego. I pray to the Lord that he is all right and its nothing seriuos.

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