Monday, February 07, 2005

Today I learned how wicked things can get to be. There is this new crew member who came onboard last sunday, he has the same position that I have, only that he's been there for 16 years, and has gotten no chance to get promotion. As we talked about stuffs, he told me that the current manager of our depart. was trained by him about 12 years ago, and the manager that'll replace the current one also was trained by him 6 years ago. It'll only take a quick look to know why he hasn't been given the chance. His color. Of course, this is not the first time and won't be the last time in history, but it made me really sad and angry.
On the other note of the day, I am kind of concerned about this particular situation that we are living this past days onboard. There is this upcoming crew party organized by one of the departments and which theme is gay. On the crew information board out there in the hall, they posted the activity and there is this message that says "we are proud of who you are, because you are on Pride" At first I didn't notice anything unusual or wrong, (Pride is the name of this vessel) though, I recalled thinking, this is kind of a weird statement, but I didnt give it a second thought. Hours later as I talked to one of my friends he made me realized that the rainbow that serves as the background of that poster is the symbol of homosexuals and lesbians. I was shocked. I mean, we are in a free country where we are free to express our opinions and beliefs, but this is the first time I've seen a particular beliefs to be that open to everyone, specially when in this place there are more than 60 nationalities represented by the crewmembers. I wonder what would happen if each and everyone of those people started posting their believes and opinions in public places....puff, we'd have a third world war over here.

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Willer said...

Homosexuality has gone beyond the point of "Gay Pride" to the point of flaunting permiscuality and forcing gay acceptance.