Saturday, February 12, 2005

Bumping Ride

Yesterday it was my half day off, so I woke up late, around 1:00 afternoon, went to have lunch at the crewmess and decided to go out. It never crossed my mind to check how was the weather outside, (because usually is extremely hot) so I put on a short and a sleeveless shirt. When I approach the gangway, and I am about to pop into the tender I finally see that is really dark and it's raining and cold, but still I thought, nah, I've nothing else to do, so a little raining is not gonna throw my plans away. Wrong choice. I was the only one on that tender, apparentely I was the only freak to go out on such conditions, but still I repeat, it was not that bad when I got into the boat. It was only 5 minutes later when we were about 200 feets away from the ship that It really got crazy, suddenly in a matter of seconds the whole ship disappeared in front of my eyes, you might wonder how a 110,000 tons monster could disappear, well it did and so everything around, the coast to my left side and the so famous rock formations of Cabo San Lucas at my right side, I could only see the rushing huge waves hitting the boat mad from all directions and the crazy cold wind rushing in my face and all around. I wasnt scared at all, though it sounds dangerous I never felt that something really bad could happen to me, so I was like, wow this is cool. After a while we made it to the dock and there were hundreds of guests waiting to get back to the ship, but since the weather was bad they had them waiting there. I decided not to go out and just waited to go back in that same boat. We had to wait for at least 30 min. until the sea conditions got a bit better and finally they allowed the guests to come inside the boats. They were all wet and cold, some of them trying to make out of the moment a pleasent one by joking around and others were extremely angry at the whole event. You would think, worse cruise ever. One girl sitting next to me was complaining that her butt was the only thing not wet before coming into the boat, the seats were flooded. Another guy was complaining about a leak on the roof, but if you could see him, you would see the irony. He was dripping water from his clothes all around. And when we were about to leave the dock one of the guys who help the people in the boats made the sign of the cross with a really sad look in his face, of course he was kidding and some laughed at it. The trip back to the ship was smooth and finally I got to get a warm back to recover my body temperature and back to work.


Willer said...

Kinda funny how the let you out onto the same water which was too rough for the paying customers, eh?

Josh said...