Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Christian Fellowship

My mind was kind of racing fast thinking about the last time I had been among those who share my same faith and beliefs and I really couldn't. It filled me with joy and renewed my energies like I hadnt experimented in a long time. And that is exactly the reason why Jesus asked us to be around those who can support us and help us. I just forgot how great is to have a christian fellowship. We are part of a chosen race. There, sitting on glassracks below one of the stairways at the back of the ship we joined together to praise and worship our Saviour. It was a surprise to see many familiar faces who I didnt know were my brothers, though now that I think about it, their behaviours were indeed different. As I mentioned before it is just a shame that now that I am close to depart there is a group where I belong to and I feel complete part of, the body of Christ. I pray that groups like this are found fleetwide. Living in such a place like here, were there are so many wordly things seen as totally normal you start stumbling and if you dont hold yourself to the Rock you might as well fall down and nobody close by to talk about it and pray with. I have to admit that my relationship with God hasnt been the best lately, but with God help that'll change for good.

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