Thursday, August 05, 2004


Uhmm... when everything seems to be ok. and you are getting everything under control, you get out of the blue 7 brand new people that comes to the ship. It is nothing funny to train them how to do their job. One, two, even three, is ok. You can train them and have peace of mind and even hava some spare time for yourself, but 7....what was the company thinking of? Me....running like a beheaded chicken, from one place to another, making sure they are not destroying My sincere respect to those elementary school teachers. How could you possible control all of them at the same time, without going nuts and not loosing your temper and still have a huge smile on your corrugated face? Lol. Simply Impossible. On the very good news I finally got the book I was so seeking for a looooong loooong time. It happened in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I was looking for this christian book that talks about how to understand the Islam in order to be able to witness those who believe in it and be efficient. Finally got it, and now I am studying it. Its got a lot of truths that you know, but you didnt A paradox, but it is so interesting. I am so willing to talk to my friends from India, and Asiatics countries about Jesus Christ. Also I bought this cd from Guardian "I will never say good bye" ....yes, yes, I know, it is an old disc, but before I didnt have the money to buy it, and I had to pirate it from the net, now I am being legal and I bought it. I love all the songs from that cd. It is in spanish, and actually is a compilation of the best songs from the moment of Guardian. Sweet!

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