Thursday, August 26, 2004

Flying my Mind Back to the Past

The good thing of working night shift is that you get the chance to see wonderful sunrises, that normally you wont see. I've seen such a variety of colors that mixed up with the clouds and the waves of the sea, just makes an exceptional view that can relaxe yourself in such a way that you get to forget your reality. The other day, as we were approching our destiny in the Mexican riviera, I went to the highest open area floor at 6:20 am and it still was dark and foggy, despite the fact that I couldnt see more than 20 feets away from where I was standing, I definetely could smell land. This brought to my attention something I did read ages ago when I was still a child. Christopher Columbus and his crew when arriving to the land to be discovered could smell it even before seeing it. I know, this sounds childish but I just felt like I was living that moment again. Then bip bip bip bip, that little annoying thing called pager was ringing......back to reality, someone trying to reach me. At least I had 20 wonderful minutes alone just thinking to myself and admiring the perfect world created by the all powerful Creator.


Willer said...

Take a picture, learn how to use "Hello", and post it. I'll bet with the really cool stuff you're seeing there, you could make a really cool blog with some pictures

Josh said...

I know...I've got a conventional camara. Yes, you need to take all the shots before sending it to develope and then get to see the pictures and then have to scan it to finally load it up onto the net. Long way to go. Now I became to understand the advantages of having a digital camara.