Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Wet and Wild

Yesterday there was crew party onboard. It started around 11:00 pm. I've been to quite some crew party, and normal. Just hanging out with my pals, and eating. Now, every crew party (once a month) has a specific theme, like for example, 70's outfits, or craziest hats, or taste of nations where everyone puts on their attires from their countries and so on. I must admit, they are very creative with the themes. Now, for your better understanding of how things works on here, when there is a crew party the crew dinning room remains close and they have dinner served at the same place where they held the party. This time, the theme of the party was "Wet and Wild" lol, yes. It was on open deck where there is one of the main pools of the ship. So when I entered my first reaction was to move aside instantly cuz a bunch of water was thrown my way by who knows who. I was starving, hadnt had dinner. So I couldnt get food where the crew is supposed to get food. The party consisted in soaking everyone around who was dry. It sounds fun, but I work night shift, and there is nothing funny on being wet when you are with your uniform. Solution? went to one of the guest restaurants and got some good food.

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