Wednesday, August 18, 2004

USPH failure

Last week was one of those really dark moments that someone can have. We were expecting USPH (u.s. public health) which is the one who check that everything related to healthy conditions are ok. The thing is that we failed and everything now is a mess. We were not supposed to fail cuz we were well prepared, however that was our fate. I felt so so bad, that I was just about to resign, not that it was my fault, but as a person responsible of it, I felt extremely sad, disappointed and depressed. I called home at 3:00 am from the middle of the sea, and talked to dad and mom, it was such a good thing, I felt better, confortable. One thing I did realize there was how blessed I am, to have both my parents support in prayers and whatever way. They were very supportive and they told me, that they were praying and whatever decision I take there was no problem. Anyway, I did consider it again, and I am staying on the ship, I wont give up so easily, at least not with Jesus help.

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Willer said...

So long as it wasn't your job to clean out the grease traps, I think you can work your way through this guilt free. You did remember to was your hands didn't you?