Monday, August 23, 2004


I think I am starting to excercise myself again for the thousand time. It happens that everytime I set myself for it, I got all excited. The previous day to the first day, I am very much willing to be succesful, the first day, I do ok, lot of running, and weight lifts, second day, still ok, though kind of sore from the first tough day, then the third day, I am kind of getting lazy, and I start thinking about continuing my program and then I dont go next day, promising myself that I'd go next day, and so on. Thats pretty much my story. But I am getting fat (bombolon -- fat term in philippines) so I set my mind again to start working out. Lets see how long it takes until I give up, hope its not to soon. Ship life can be dangerous, specially if you work during the night. In my case, I keep eating all night long to keep myself awaken and then after finishing my shift I go sleep till next day. Puff....! Something must be done.


Willer said...

best way to loose weight:

You could always wear a girdle...

Josh said... are just asking for the impossible!
Try again.