Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Not Easy

Puff....stress is something becoming so familiar nowadays around here. To much pressure from the bosses. A lot of taka taka (hard time term, in who knows what language). We've even got a new manager assistant from another ship to help here until we pass public health. Now, this guy, is the kind of person that dont care a bit about what others think about his decisions. He's came on sunday, and right away, he started making changes that are affecting everyone. Just one day was enough to make one of my guys to resign. And this is sad. This guy had been working for the company for 11 years, and he is an excellent worker, and I can not believe that he hadnt being given promotion yet. He told me, Josh, I have had enough, I dont need this anymore! Puff...that was a huge hit to me. Sometimes I wonder why lazy people who dont know to much are in good positions and even get promotions, and people who really deserves promotion because of their hard effort, never get it. Life seems to be unfair. However I know that everything happens for a reason that we might never know, but God. Its not easy even to understand. Sometimes I dont even want to ever understand and just give myself peace of mind by complaining about how unfair life can be to somes. May God help me.

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