Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Akward Situation

The other day, I was invited to the weekly managment dinner of my department held in the main dinning room of the ship.  The thing is that usually those who attends this weekly dinner to get togheter are either my bosses or same rank ppl like me.  We all have to work togueter.  However, when it comes to bussiness we have to argue and fight all the time.  Thats the way it is.  So I was sitting there at the table with all these ppl and I was like, Ok. I am just out of place, like a fish in the outer space, like a child without his finger to suck. lol.  Anyway, I didnt see the time to escape from it.  At last I could invent an excuse to leave and the manager asked why would I leave early...! 
On the good note of the day, today I did something I've ever wanted to do.  I along with my friend Maria took this parachutte that is pulled by a fast boat.  It was scaring at the beggining, but it was an excellent sensation when I started taking off the sand.  The view was just amazing.  Note that it is just waaaay different than to fly in an airplane, since you are in direct contact with the air, hanging from some ropes and a huge parachutte, at who knows how many feets from the sea, with a scary feeling of falling down all of the sudden. Ufff....but it worth it, and I'll doing again if I had to.
On the not very good note of the day, I was changed I work night shift.  So I am still getting used to be awaken during all the night.


Willer said...

Parasailing. Yea, i've been meaning to try that myself. Looks like fun.

Josh said...

it definetly is