Wednesday, June 30, 2004


whoo whoo... I am wicked physically tired today. Just finished my work after 12 exhausting hours. I havent even change my cloth and I went off board. Never done that before, you see, in a little bit more than an hour the ship set sail and usually after finishing working I go to my cabin change cloth and have dinner, but today I just felt that stressed that I just went out to have some fresh air, but my friend Mexico is sooooooo hot, its 8:30 pm and I am sweating like a monster and I am just sitting here doing nothing else but typing. There is a lot of people out here, and a lot of crew fellow members who doesnt speak spanish and I dont feel like to speak english now. So I went just walking and walking to see someone familiar but nothing. So I met a couple of guys from here and start talking about everything and nothing. I feel definietely better now! I am just going to drink a coke and I make my day or the rest of it.!!!


Willer said...

You don't like speaking english but you'll publish an English Blog? I'm confused. BTW I put a link to your blog on my blog. Keep up the good works!

Josh said...

Belive it or not, its way different to speak it than to just think it and put it down in words. Speaking a foreign language, involves a lot of concentration and that can make someone tired. lol