Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Short Vacations at Miami

This is crazy, I came from Panama last sunday, I arrived at the hotel where I was supposed to get my air ticket to my final destination in L.A. My ticket was there, but was scheduled to be at 7:00 am same day....and I arrived at 11:00 am...Weirdo huh. So I am being punished here with not to much to do really. I´ve met some people at the hotel, we rented a car and tried to get to know some. Not to mention that none of us is absolutely familiarized with american adress system and streets, avenues and all those stuffs...what it was intended to be a 40 min. trip to Dolphin International Mall, took us almost 4 hours! We were so lost, we were in agony, stressed and getting mad, but finally with two maps in hand and millions of questions to people around we made it, and it worth it. Back to hotel? same story lol, but I think we are having some fun. Late at night we went to south beach, its beautiful no question. My friends even went inside the beach at 12:00 am. Then we had some banana and strawberry milk shakes at one of the cafes. Tons of people hanging around in discos, stunning last models cars, fashion clothes and famous people. Later on that night I thought to myself how empty are all these people. If I just simply look at them, I will see that they have got all the imaginable success in world. But then, if I look closer, I see unhappy people, with no worthy goals to reach other than getting more and more money which is not bad, but make them slave of it. I so many times complains about not having all the money I wish to have to do what Id like to do. And I start making plans and strategies of how I could get that money, how long will it take to, and I start daydreaming about it. At the end I find myself spending more time daydreaming and planning than fasting and praying to the One who has the best for his son, Me. And He tells me, to spend more time with Him looking for His will for my life and He would bless me in an awesome way. Jabez was a man, you wont find to much about him in the Bible. (2 Chronicles something. He was in disadvantage regarding to everybody else. But one day he thought there should be something else in this life. And he claimed to God and ask him to bless him, to expand his territory, to keep him from evil and temptations... and the Bible says God granted his prayer and Jabez was more than his brothers. That was Jabez little but effective prayer. God may help me to understand better that piece of gold.

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