Thursday, June 17, 2004

Tough Week

Uff....its been crazy, so many pressure and stress togueter I can barely stand. However things are not all bad, God has given me the chance to talk about my faith to some people I ve met recently and I ve found out that, that is so refreshing, at the end I feel like new, I don´t know exactly why, but thats how I feel. Couple of hours ago, I went to downtown Mazatlan, Mexico with a guy I barely know from the ship, and the one thing that he told me was that b4 going to eat somewhere, he wanted to go to the local catholic cathedral, so we went there. After I while, he was done and he was just there quite. I felt that I had to talk to him. At the beggining I was puzzled, cuz I mean, I want to obey to God when he gives me an order, but we where at a temple where it is supposed to be quite and not to be talking, so I was thinking, ok, as soon as we come out I will find the opportunity and talk to him, but then a second thought hit my mind and it was, maybe God want you to do it right now in this very place. So I put all my braveness together and sat by his side and started talking, and eventually I felt how God took control of the situation and put the words he needed to hear...I am glad I did it. I dont know if he will ever listen to this again, but he´s heard about it now. I will keep praying for him so he commits his life to Him, the more important decision ever to make.

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