Monday, June 28, 2004


Couple of days ago, to be exact on wednesday of last week I got real bad. I woke up to an intense pain in my lower abdomen. It was 3:00 am and I was very unconfortable in my bed when I woke up and I knew right there what it was. Kidney stones. I went to the infirmay and beeped the nurse on duty. I was almost dying of pain, I couldnt be on my feet or sitted, there was no position that made me kind of confortable. And this veterinarian....I mean, nurse wouldnt give me something to ease my pain. She insisted on me peeing first to examine it and then determine what to do, so after a while of insisting and complaining (If I could had sweeped I had done it, but even that hurt me more) she gave me a shot of who knows what and told me to go to my cabin and come back at 8:00 in the morning. I went back to my cabin but 20 min. later I was back in the infirmary with the same killing pain. This time she had to call the physician to see me. She came and I told her that I really needed something to kill the pain, I felt like if I was to pass out any time there. So she put me an IV and gave me a stronger drug. Almost in that same second I did feel better. End of episode. Next day I didnt show up to work and 4 days later I went to a hospital in L.A. Now, until this same moment I dont know how I got out of that hospital in good shape. First thing I see when I entered it was a gangaster lying in a bed, he was huge. When they assign me a bed, 5 min. later a 22 girl comes to the next bed, and she wouldnt stop talking. The curtain was close, so I thought that there were two persons next to me. She was talking and talking and I was sure that it was two persons having a loooooooong 4 hours non-stopable converstation. Shen I stood up to go to the restroom and I saw next bed, it was only her talking to herself and she even made two differet voices, the one who was actually speaking and the one who was listening and answering to herself.....I was like....OH MY GOD. I was in shock. Later on I learned that she was squizofrenic and had run from her house and ended somewhere around the hospital. To end my terrific story I had a CAT and it revealed that I had no kidney stone at all which is an excellent news. Doc says that I did pee it already. So here I am. God taking care of everything.

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