Sunday, July 04, 2004

God Taking Care of his Children

Couple of hours ago, while still on duty, I was completely in shock to see one of my guys face covered in blood. I didnt have a clue what happened to him, he only managed to say somebody hit him. He was a little bit unconsiuos. Minutes later I learned that one of his fellow co-worker hit him hard enough to make him bleed all over his mouth, ears and cejas. I took him down to the infirmary and on the way I tried to understand what had happened, but I couldnt understand him very well. Anyway, thing is that the other guy has a very bad attitud. I remember that first week I came, I tried nicely to talk to him and let him know that he had to follow instructions, but he would just totally ignore me. Many times I tried to make him follow my instructions but it was useless. So I had to take him to my boss and he talked to him and scolded him seriously. I saw in his stare that he really was pissed off and he didnt even answered properly to him. I've learned from the past people like him that dont tell you nothing and suddenly they react and do terrible things. I did see that in his eyes. Cold eyes. He definetely was really upset at me, and I didnt mess up with him anymore since there. I did rather ask to someone else to do whatever I needed to be done. A creepy thought hit my mind, the covered blood face guy could had been me, but God is always taking care of his children, I am so grateful to Jesus that he protected me from evil and constantly is.


Willer said...

Did he get fired?

Josh said...

He was supposed to get fired, but the company policy is that if there is a fight both of them has to be fired, no matter if you didnt has the fault however, the hit guy is a good guy, never give trouble, so they didnt want to fire him too, so they gave both of them an opportunity. Pretty sad. That guy is dangerous!

Willer said...

That sounds more like assault than a fight to me. He could get jail time for that.