Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Welcome to Long Beach California

First days at Pride, Carnival has been quite and normal. I came on board last sunday (jun. 6) Something that is freaking me out is the fact that on this ship we change time twice a week, like when we are at L.A. at 12:00 am we have to go one hour forward and then on friday same week when we arrive a port in mexico we go one hour back at 12:00. I dont want to forget that, otherwise I could arrive one hour late or before to work! It would be bad to arrive one hour late, but it would be way worse to arrive one hour before. Anyway, the Hotel Manager was saying that we need to be more hospitable so he challenged us to be as friendly as we could, smiling all the time and greeting everybody either passangers or crew members. I thought of it, and of course that it´s not mandatory, you dont have to if you dont want to be smiling like a beauty queen to everybody, (I am not the kind of person whois very sociable, so dont expect from me that) however, I did give it a second thought and realized that in that way I would get to know more ppl withouth having to go to the crew bar which its meant to know ppl. Now crew bar, I tell you, its just a dense cloud of smoke, so being there its not healthy at all. So I have been practicing the smiling and greeting stuff since couple of days, and to tell you the truth since I am not use to it, in some cases I just feel like stupid lol, but I guess its working.


Willer said...

I find that an innocent grin works better than a pageant smile. Perhaps, though, the crew bar isn't the worst place you could be. You know, dining with the sinners?? Jesus didn't wait OUTSIDE the bars and poolhalls, he was IN them.

Hope you're enjoying yourself. I am enjoying your blog and would like to add a link on mine but first you'll have to explain the "gimper4god" part to me.

Josh said...

Yeah, innocents grinning also works =)