Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Important Lesson

The other day I learned something that changed my perception of what blinded and total obedience is, even if I don’t get to know the why of it sometime soon. It happened when I was making sure that some stuffs were properly done where I work at. This guy who is under my charge, I told him to pour some cleaning chemical out of its recipient into the floor so we could brush it, however, what I didn’t knew was that the recipient was sealed with a thin and almost invincible paper to protect the chemical to come out accidentally. And I was telling this guy, to put the recipient upside down, and I was rushing him; he tried to tell me that I was wrong, that he needed to take out that little piece of paper first, but I was on a rush and I wouldn’t listen to him, so he obediently and without complaining about my lack of knowledge did put the recipient upside down and started simulating that the chemical was coming out, then and only there I realized about my mistake and I was in shock. Later on that day I thought about it and it impacted me that he wouldn’t even question my decision and wouldn’t even complain and get upset with me because I was making him lose his time doing something useless. I am a supervisor where I work at. I get to make a bunch of important decisions that will affect a lot of things. So people have to follow my instructions no matter if they are wrong or right, I expect them to follow and not to complain, I accept suggestions, but If I don’t agree with them they still have to do what I say, just to find at the end that I was wrong. Jesus Christ is our chief in command supervisor, he definitely takes the most important decisions on the whole universe, however he never is wrong, he sees things that we cannot see. And he knows what is good for us. He wants the best for me, he has got a perfect plan for my life and in order for me to reach it, I have to obey him what he says in the Bible. He wants me to be obedient always, blinded if you wanted to call it that way. When people follow my instructions there will be always a doubt if my decisions is correct, but when we obey whatever God tells us to do, we can be infinite sure that its is a wise instruction and that at the end we will enjoy the result of our obedience. He won’t make us lose our time following useless things. And even though today I don’t get to understand fully why I am here, He knows the why, if I don’t get to know it sometime soon? I don’t mind, my heart and mind is in peace because who I am obeying to, will not fail and be ever wrong.

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