Wednesday, April 13, 2005

One of the Best ever Vacations

I have to blog about last week, cuz otherwise I will start forgetting the details of one of the most amazing weeks I´ve ever had. It all started when I asked my friend Tim to see if it was possible to spend some few days at his place. He said it was ok. So I disembarked on april sunday the third, and I stayed in at a local hotel in L.A., cuz my flight was due on monday afternoon. So I had the opportunity to visit some nice places in L.A. and San Bernandino such as Lake Perris. My friend has a friend who lives near L.A. so, he took us on a road trip to some touristics spots within L.A. and San Bernandino. So, after that I headed to my hotel and spent the night there. I wanted to see some places, but found out that if you dont have a car, you will spend a whole deal of money in cabs. So I just walked some, and then came back to the hotel to pack my bags and head to L.A. airport. So I took my plane and after stoping at Denver, I finally reached Oklahoma city airport. Tim was waiting for me there. I was so happy to see him again after a long time. So next day, he went to work, I got to go with him, and see how they do real TV shows. Really interesting. We even went to town to do some video shootings for the next show and then back to the TV station studio to do the editing. The following day we spent it talking about a lot of different things and playing video games. One of the things that I loved the most of Tulsa, was Oral Roberts University Campus and its history and the Praying Hands. It really touched me, the fact that prayer has a power that we are just ignoring. He told me that Tulsa wasn´t a really nice place back in the first quarter of last century, lot of gangsters, adult entertainment and all kind of non-christians stuffs, but right after ORU came up there, the founder began a serious prayer ministry that eventually changed the whole town for God. Now it is one of those places in US where almost everyone is saved and seriously into missions. Another thing caught my attention really bad, spring season. In my country we have only summer and winter, so I got to see a bunch of leave-less trees and those trees seen against the sunset on the background, wao, that was a spectacle worth of admiration. I even got to see hail, boy, first time and it wasn´t for starters, they were huge hails that could kill anyone. It was fun though. Last three days we made a road trip to Brandson, Missuri, were he had an assigment of shooting a story of the new attractions of both celebration city and silver dollar city amusment parks. But we were paid really nice accomodations on a nice condo with front view to the Lake. We visited both parks and we enjoyed so much, nice meals at silver dollar city with their international cuisine. At Silver Dollar city there are a bunch of different shows with performers from all around the world, I liked the germany delegation the most. So finally as everything must come to an end, we headed back to Tulsa, exhausted but contented. Next day Tim drove me to the airport and we said bye. I will never forget the experience as a whole great event.

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