Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Couple of hours, as I was laying on my bed, suddendly I felt like in the mood of taking pictures, so I got up, took my cameras and went to highest open deck. To my surprise, today there was a lunar eclipse and I was just about to miss it. I mean, I've seen many lunar eclipses along my walking on this earth, but it is always good to be part of this astronomical events. Anyway, I took couple of pics to the moon, to bad I dont have a bigger lens though. So as I was taking pics I ran into these two people who are cruising this week and we started talking about the particular event and then we went on to talk about boreal aurora and all this amazing views you get to see in alaska among other places. Conversation was very interesting, I was only listening, cuz one of the guys wouldnt stop sharing his experiences. He also talked about vortexes...I had no idea what was that, he kind of explained it to me, and it is a weird thing, I dont get to understant yet. So I logged onto the net to check for more info about that and guess what? nothing! arg! As we were finishing our convo, it just hit me, how can people still be hard of mind, I mean, it all makes sense, when you realize how perfect and amazing nature is we have to come to the conclusion that there have to be a wonderful Creator who did it. When you get to see this events, you feel like connected to something superior and still most of ppl refuse to believe.


RichB said...

Yep, nature, the universe, everything around us is amazing. It's astounding at times. Spirtual and mind-numbing. But I'd like to say that appreciating all this, to be filled with wonder and amazement and not believing in a God is surely no more or less hard minded than choosing to believe. Maybe God exists, maybe he doesn't. Personally when I look at the extent of nature, it's nature I feel connected to.

Josh said...

Well, when I see nature and how perfect it works and wonderful it is, my mind just can not accept that all of it is product of our human ableness, or a huge big ban or evolution or who knows what. My mind comes to think and to believe that all of it is product of a delicate and brilliant creation by someone. That someone who is all powerful and omnicient and knew exactly what we would need. When I see the nature I just feel connected to that Creator, and I feel overwhelmed. It is just as if he were talking to me and I definitely can feel his prescence.