Friday, October 01, 2004

Xtreme Makeover Part II

What inspire someone to help another human being?; Why would someone spare his/her free time to make someone else feel better? In most of the cases, would the motivation to do so is the correct? I found myself thinking about this as we were on our way from the ship to the place where we would help to clean and make a better place to live to a couple of abandoned elderly. We went deep into the heart of Mazatlan directly into the extreme poor side of it. We saw houses that doesnt deserve to be called as so, but indeed, they are to those people who live in there. Kilometers of cartons/zinc tiny boxes meant to be houses along the way, mostly of the time overcrowded with a bunch of little kids and starving people. I've seen this scene so many times in poor areas in my own country and I've been given the opportunity to help them out with their physical needs and spiritual needs as well. However, the right motivation is a tricky thing. Why do I put myself in such a critical situation if I dont really need to? Would it be, because it makes me feel superior, or because it makes me looks like a good person that only thinks on doing well to others, or would it be because I dont have anything else to do, or because I am thankful enough to God for everything He's given to me that I just feel the need to help others. Whatever reason you might have to help others, the second God's commandment says "Love others like if it was yourself" and with this you can sum up the whole ten commandments. People can do good deeds with the wrong motivation and still be able to feel the exquisite feeling of wellness after doing so, however if we are able to help others, with the proper motivation, we are gonna be able not only to feel the exquisite feeling of wellness, but also get eternal compensation from God. The Bible in Corinthios talks about Love and its attributes, it also mentions that if I gave all my possesions so others could eat and I do it without love, it is just worthless, says that if I gave my body to the flames and I do it with no love, it's useless. So summing up, doing good deeds is not going to grant me a good future after my death, I can do all the good things that might come to my mind, but if my life is not commited to Jesus Christ and saved by His holy blood, then it comes to be only that, a good thing that brings you well being, nothing else. All these came to my mind, cuz this was the first time I did charitable work with non-christian people, and all the way I wondered myself what would motivate these people to spare their time to do this, what would be their internal reasons, their justification. Unfortunately, I only got to know the reason of one of the team member, and it was pretty amazing to realize that this particular guy is from one of the most devastated countries of the caribbean by the last 4 hurricanes in the past month, that has killed countless persons even in his country, and destruction and devastation is all over the country, and still he being abroad, knowing nothing about his relatives because there is no phone and internet services, he feels the need to help in a foreign country to people who he doesnt even know. If he that is not a christian and is able to feel this and do it, why you and me who call ourselves followers of the Merciful God, and believe in Jesus Christ's love and compassion wont do it? The reason why I do spend time in helping poor people and put myself in a sacrificing position is because in that way I know I am being thankful to God for all the countless blessings He's given to me and my family. This is also a good exercise to measure how much you have even when you think you have nothing comparing to wealthy persons. This is a great time to witness people who because are in a more vulnerable position are able to accept God's salvation, mercy and protection. I've come to the conclusion that when you have very less or are in a very bad position, you are more open to accept help, and what better help than the one from Jesus Christ brought to them through us. Love is the key of all. Love can inspire someone to help another human being, and love is the right motivation to do so. Love is suffered, is patient, doesnt get irritated, doesnt seek its own wellness, is honest. Pretty good description of our Saviour. By the way, Xtreme Makeover was a success, even though there was not a very good organization, we managed to clean nicely inside the house and we brought brand new beds, linen, a dinning table and some other stuffs. Not to many people signed up for it though, but the team, who consisted of the paymaster, the housekeeping manager, the senior joiner, the lead nurse, two enterteiners, a cook and myself did a good job. Thanks God.


Willer said...

So you had fun? Where is the Picture? I love doing that kind of stuff. I built houses in Honduras and had the best time (though I spent most of the time playing with the kids)

Josh said...

pictures coming soon on dvd