Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Leadership, Purpose on Life, Future

I;ve been reading this book that reads about my purpose in this life. And it is been so refreshing, because sometimes, I just get myself confused and freaked out with so many things like, what's gonna be of me in the future, where I want to go, how I am to make it and all sort of things you can imagine. And there I loose my focus. Along with this, I've been attending Carnival College of Managment and there, among other things I've been given a lot of information on how to be a better supervisor, like the difference between people oriented manager and task oriented manager and all that crap, and the director has been sharing his own ideas of success in this life and happiness and I've been listening to all these wordly things that doesnt apply fully to my life, because something is missing. Anyway, the course is intended to have one on one meetings with the hotel manager who is one of the facilitator of the course, and he did ask us to fill in one paper with some questions about the course overall. And talking about leadership I stated that everyone and all of us are leader in one way or another. We are meant to impact in a positive way which is never an easy task because it implies self-sacrifice or we can do it in a negative way which might affect negative in others, but always whatever we do, think, speak, believe, behave and walk will leave a footprint and we will be held responsible for it. When he read that out of my paper, I was reading his facial expression to determine what might be going on inside his mind.....expressionless lol. But he did say, interesting. I mean, to me it sounded deep and to follow this is definitely not easy. To live by example, to walk the talk will always be difficult, its not the easy road to follow, but at the end of the day it is totally worthy. When I do what I preach at the end of the day I feel that I've fullfilled my purpose for that given day, when I dont, I feel empty and dissappointed toward myself and so is God. But it is a good thing that we are given the opportunity to try it everyday. When I have this in mind, my future, my goals, my dreams, I leave it in God's perfect and able hands and He will make my understand and achieve all of them. Amen.

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