Tuesday, October 19, 2004

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Where to start....hum. Its been kind of busy lately with many differents things. However, last sunday I got a very interesting news from my dad. It happens that I've got an aunt and her husband that I've been praying for long long long very long time ago, but she seemed reluctant and indiferent to all speeches about Jesus. And I'd been praying and I wondered if someday they would accept God's mercy, I even wondered if my prayers were useless, cuz my aunt really felt like she didnt need it. But lately she has been having so much family problems and she did ask my dad to have a conversation, so they had it. My dad says that he witnessed her and shared with her the gospel. He says she seems more open to it and he will give her, along with my mom follow up. I mean, this battle hasnt been finished, its not over yet, but I clearly see that God is working it and my prayers were not in vain and now I feel like with new energies to continue with my prayers for those loved ones and friends who havent accepted God's salvation. On the second note of the moment, I am going back to day shift...enough of batman style.
I suspect that my boss is not very happy with me lately, lol, and I dont blame him. I've been pushing him lately for things he has not been taking care bringing as consequence bad results in a couple of areas. So since he is the boss he is changing me back to day shift which has some advantages and disadvantages as well. At first I felt bad when he gave me the news, but after thinking a little bit, I know that I have been constantly trying to give my best. The bad thing is that this coming sunday I had planned to go to Universal Studios in LA and now it wont happen. Maybe some other time.
And last but not least, couple of days ago, God gave me the opportunity to share a special moment with one of my collegues. We were just hanging in the office talking about nothing special and then like usual I dont know how we began talking about God, his plan and purpose for us and all. My friend Danny has a very strange way to think about christianity, he calls himself christian but doesnt agree with the Bible and has his own way to see things. So we spend almost two hours talking and talking, I was trying to give him examples and things for him to think about, and at the end he recognized that he hadnt enough arguments to support his own ideas. So I pray that our mercy Lord have mercy of Danny. I mean, the truth has been exposed to him, he wont have a chance to say, he never knew about it, like he use to say about those in far lands inside Africa. Anyway, I thanks God, cuz I never thought we could have this kind of conversation, we are not very close to talk about faith and belives. Next day we started to talk again about some other stuffs and we ended again in the same and the funny of it is that he complained to me because I would always refer to the Bible to answer his questions. I told him, Danny, I cannot talk something that I dont know, my believes are fundamented in the Bible, it is our owners manual, thats how I know what to do, how to do it and why. Anyway, I think I will be from now on, stressing about this more frequent with him, and he might complain but it is for his own sake.

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