Friday, July 09, 2004

Snorkling Day

Today I took one of the tours offered by the ship to the guests. We went snorkling. First time I ever come offboard in Cabo San Lucas (Mexico). Located in Baja California. This is an amazing place. Everything is brand new, buildings, streets, shopping centers, restaurants, the whole downtown is brand new. First thing I did notice is that this place is so different with the rest of places I´ve been b4. This whole place is owned by rich ppl who built this place to stay in here during their vacation time (or whenever they wish) So you wont see to many locals in here, though is a huge place, there are not to many locals. Plenty of big houses resting on top of the hills and huge boats and fancy cars are the rule in here. Today I just felt myself freed, free from the stress, the noise, the job itself. It was good and I did take plenty of pictures as well. Well, gotta go back to my sad j/k.

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