Sunday, July 11, 2004

Another Gone Week

huh huh huh... Its 5 weeks since I came onboard. Time doesnt wait no one. And thats good, considering that if time pass fast, I'll be back home soon. I use to evaluate how my week are, and this last one which ended today, I can say that I was productive and good. Bad things? sure a lot of them, but in overall I feel that victory was mine through the week. Good things? definitely yes. Couple of days ago, I realized that I was losing my temper so easily with all this ppl around me who always seem to need something. Since part of my job is to supply whatever they need to work, they constantly are asking for stuffs. But when you have 50 cooks asking at the same time for stuffs and not in the best and nicely way, and then you have another whole bunch of other ppl needing attention from you, then a simple wrong question or attitude from one of them can trigger my nerves shut, and then is when I loose my temper. I realized about this because of this I was starting to feel angry and thats definitely not one of the fruit of the Spirit. So I started checking myself and promising myself not to loose it easily. I was determined to just let it pass and be cooled down. But I kept losing it constantly and pretty frequently. At first I got more upset at myself for not being able to control it, but then after failing so many times I started laughing at myself for my incapability to accomplish, and then just then I realized that the only way was asking for God's help to overcome this. Have I completely overcome it? no wicked way (lol) but, everytime I fail to do so, I dont get upset at myself and I ask for God's help. Another good thing I just noticed was that today I just felt the need to be thankful to God, and I just started saying thanks over and over again to Him. Dont get me wrong, I havent won the lottery or gotten a promotion or one of those super things. Just the opposite, things are not all ok and problems seem to be around the corner just to assault you and I just feel the urge to say Thanks to God. Thats a good thing, it changes my attitud to good.

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