Thursday, July 07, 2005

Fighting the good fight.

I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for He has continuosly care of me, his creation, his beloved son. I can't help but thank Him and praise him, cuz He never forget us. One of the things I was praying before coming to the ship for my third period was that I could find a christian group where I could meet brothers and sisters in Christ, as everyone knows this place is a tough place to be alone. Where sinning is so normal and not to sin is totally abnormal a phenomenon; where so much sin around can mess you up if you dont have anyone physically there to support you and viceversa in prayers and godly conversation. Almost 3 weeks since I came onboard and I ran into someone I met last year on Pride and who by then was not christian yet, and then just two months ago he accepted Christ and happen to be in this same ship where I am and one day I saw him holding a Bible and a booklet, so instantly I knew there was a group going on. So he told me where and when and...eureka... God answering a need we all have. When I think about our needs, I come to the conclusion that we all have a wide range of different natural God-given needs, that we try to satisfy in a sinful way, letting satan fulfill those, when we have a God who because created you and me, knows to the perfection what we are made of and what are our needs and along with that he is willing to supply us with those. So know I am officially attending a group where I know I will grow with them spiritually and in many other ways and we will be more effective on our mission of reaching the lost. Two is better than one, says the Bible, two pair of hands, two heads and two spirits united in God is a powerful tool agains the devil and the darkness empire.
I have recently discoverd that what you can do and achive in God is never enough. I found myself depressed a little bit couple of days ago, because I felt that I wasn't doing enough for Him, I felt like, I could do lot more with my life and I felt I could learn a lot more about God and his Word, and I felt like I wasnt enough and worthy. In a way, after thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that is true, true in the sense that our limited mind and body will never be able to understand and fulfill all the potential, but then that doesnt mean God loves me less, as long as I keep on trying my best to follow Him and walk in his way, its fine. Then I found that the devil was planting a seed in my mind and was trying to deceive me into thinking I wasnt being enough a good christian, and I fought that thought out of my mind and rebuked him and decided to think that I am God's son, forgiven and redempted, and that I am part of a chosen race and my final destination is not in this perishable planet earth.
Havent been easy, as always, to walk in the narrow path, but it is the best thing anyone can choose to. I pray to my God that he gives me the boldness and braveness to stand and to speak out loud about his mercy and love to all who come across my path and show them his unconditional love. I have shared with many during these weeks and I am willing to suffer persecution for His sake. There are so many people out there dying without knowing him and I dont want to stay quiet and sitting around my way to Heaven. May God Help Me.


crazyforJesus said...

Good to know God is still moving in your life. God bless you bro.

Josh said...

hey, crazyforjesus, you are back....good to know that!