Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Good News are been Spread and there is nothing he cand do to stop it.

So these last couple of days has been wonderful victorious days. There is nothing like the sweetest moment of leading someone through the saving prayer of faith in Christ. So it all happened suddenly and I wasn't really expecting it. After finishing the christian meeting, I headed back to my cabin with one of my brothers in Christ, and we were still discussing about the biblical study and as we were talking in the hall, one friend was coming back from the bar (1:15 am) and he is really open and friendly, so he said hi to us and just stayed there while we were talking, problem is, we were talking in spanish and he doesnt understand it, and he wasn't planning to leave anytime soon, so I felt from God, that it was the perfect time for sharing with him. So we changed our topic and choice of language and we started sharing with him about God, and he came up with that he also believed in Him and stuff, but really didn't know nothing about Him. So we talked and talked and one of the things that really impacted me was that he said almost at the end "I really want to change but I have things in my life that I know are bad and I have no idea how to stop it and I need help" I was like, WAO, praise the Lord, this guy is ready. So he agreed to pray with me and he accepted Christ as His saviour. That is so so so Awesome. I've been present in a great number of this miracle of life and I never get tired or used to the fact that it is awesome. It is just the most wonderful thing to see, how someone pass from eternal condemnation to eternal life in Heaven with God and all of us who have accepted him. Besides that, I have another good and close friend I've made while here, and he is really friendly, polite, hard worker and the kind of person you naturally want to be around, and he is that kind of guy that you say, "hey, only thing he needs to be complete is to accept Christ" So. I've been talking to him over and over again, and he is coming with the same ol' xcuse, "yeah, well not know, maybe later, I still have things to do", the ol' usual lie of satan, but still he listen to me and answer to all my questions about his eternal future, and thing is that I feel like little by little he is giving in. I pray that sooner than later he makes that final move he so needs. Praise the Lord for he is the one who gives me the courage and strenght.


Willer said...

Hey Josh, haven't head from you in awhile. Hope things are still going good for you. Check in every once in awhile.

krazy4Jesus said...

ok bro where are you?????????

Josh said...

hey, i am doing good. Not easy internet access around. Other than that, things are going smoothly, thanks God.