Sunday, June 26, 2005

Starting Again.

So finally I can get online after almost half a month. It's tough not to be able to get online as frequent as I would like to.
Any way, I am back to my third contract period for Carnival Cruise Lines, and this time I was assigned, after a lot of confusion and worthless and unneccesary flights across USA to Celebration ship, which is among the oldest ships of the fleet. Rumors says that it is about to be sold to a sister company and will be sailing in europe, which is a very good news, since that means, we all will get transferred to other ships of Carnival. I mean, this ship is really old, is so much old that we dont have restroom facilities inside our cabins, but outside, so we share toilets and showers. It's horrible. I am getting used to it though, but it is horrible. On the other hand, I am thankful, because the port of calls of this ship are really bad, they are super expensive, prices for food, internet services, phone services and tourims in general are really expensives even for americans. So i rather stay in the ship and I get to save more money than usual. And finally but no less I found out that I got a nice raise of salary and am very happy for it.
I've began my gym sessions again, hopefully this time I wont give up so fast like last time I tried and see if I can get rid of this stubborn fat belly I've gotten. During the first week I concluded that if there is one thing that I suffer and I need to fight fiercely is inconsistency. I frequently find myself starting something and not ending it or keeping it alive. That is something I think is part of my personality, but I am praying a lot to God for his help to overcome this flaw. Of course, that takes a lot of discipline of my side and I keep on reminding me not to give up in whatever I am currently working on, either spiritual aspect, physical, emotional or anyone. With God help I will overcome this and I will be a better man soon. Consistency is my fight. Thank you all of you who are supporting me in your prayers.

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