Saturday, July 16, 2005

Let all know about God

There are three kind of bad days I can recall having experimented throughout my life, those who are physically tough, mentally tough and spiritual tough. Of all of them I can tell with security that tough spiritual days are the worsts. There is a sense of no hope that blind me or in other words make my vision short, changing dramatically the perspective of reality. Today I feel like so. The reason? simple, I feel overwhelmed and frustrated because I find that when you try to share about God to people, some of them react really indifferent and even show themselves angry. Yet, others react with interest and might not want to take part with it, but at least listen to you and try to reason. Today three persons that I know and I have been talking to and praying for and little by little sharing my faith with, totally rejected God after I tried to talk to them personally after having them read a christian tract. My hope is that one good day they will react different and accept Jesus sacrifice and realize they need Him so bad. My hope is that one day likewise others I know personally who rejected God after some time realized their sinful condition and turned to God and nowadays are powerful tools in God's hands. My hope is that I let myself be used by God no matter what, being humble and obedient more and more everyday. I hope that He puts more passion in my life for the unbelievers and even though some of them or many will reject Him, that won't stop my attempts to share the good news with boldness and braveness. Whenever I read Apostol Paul's books I fill myself with fresh strengh when I see how even when suffering all kind of persecution and shipwreck, his all supreme goal and passion was to reach more and more people for God and glorify him in life and death. So help me God.


krazy4Jesus said...

Remeber one thing, people don't reject us, they reject Jesus.
Keep telling people about Jesus.
I am the eldest of 4 brothers & have been telling them about Jesus for 17 yrs (to this day). The youngest got saved 3 yrs ago & he & his wife are serving the Lord today.

Josh said...

Wao...its challenging, isnt it. But yes, you are completely right. Still I havent talked to those who rejected Jesus, but I will pray that God gives me what it takes.
Thanks brother.