Sunday, December 05, 2004

Dry Dock

Today we are heading to San Francisco for dry dock. We are gonna spend there two weeks. They say its a great city, with so many things to do. Anyway, today we were supposed to arrive at L.A. at 5:30 am as usual, but we didnt. It all started at 12:00 am; troughout all the PA system it was announced that someone was missing. So they were calling her and asking her to report to the info desk. I was sleeping, and I got mad, cuz they interrupted my sleep having in consideration that next day I had to wake up way earlier than normal. An hour later they were calling her again and so they did 2 more times, until 1:30 am, one of the officers announced that security was going to check all the guest and crew cabins as the last resource plus they we were heading back on our way to L.A. to Mexico again to the last moment she was spotted. Now it was a huge thing. Helicopters and war ships from US coast guard were on the seek and rescue operation. You can imagine how many people were totally upset and angry, all the guests lost their flights and so the signing off crew members. Today half of the crew are signing off because of dry dock. So the whole day was upside down. I am just going to get some sleep. I am weaked tired.

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Willer said...

I hope they find her.

Be careful in L.A. It can be really dangerous. Not exactly the best part of America to find Christian values.