Thursday, November 25, 2004

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving......I should start by the fact that this is an American celebration that dates from hundreds of years back when the firsts foreigns came from England to America and then after a lot of troubles they felt thankful to God for what they had achieved. Back then, it meant lot of thinking and thanksgiving prayers to the Almighty God. I don't remember with details the whole story, but it is interesting since this reminds me about Noeh and his family right after they came out of the boat after the big flood. First thing they did was to give thanks and honor to Him the One who saved them, and He was extremely pleased and blessed them. America was founded on a christian solid base, and those who were the first, for generations were thankful and recognized the One who blessed them so much. Years has passed by, and little by little Jesus Christ is way less recognized and honored. They took him out of school system, courts, goverment and what its worse, from most of the families which is the real core of society. They dont care about what He wants, what He longs, what He did for us 2000 years ago. They dont want to know anything about him. They think that was just a fairy story. They think Jesus is only for children and old people. Ohh, how wrong we have come to think. He is the reason of our existance, He is the reason why we breath. If it wasnt for His grace, nothing of what we have achieved would've been. He is merciful enough, all love, that even though most of us dont want to believe in Him, still let us live and give us the strengh, wisdom and talents to get what we have. I got extremely sad this morning when I watched on the TV this so famous Macy's parade held in New York city year after year, "celebrating" the holidays season...they dont even call it by its name. They have lost completely the real mean of it. It is just about lot of fixed cars with themes and semi-naked dancing women and so many totally pagane things that does not have any thing to do with the real Thanksgiving day. I bet you that if you ask one of them what is the real meaning of it, they wouldnt be able to tell it. God does have feeling and I totally can understand if He felt unhappy and even angry. Today I feel thankful to Jesus, because He totally gave me the needed strengh and wisdom to overcome the extremely heavy day I had. This morning I did ask him to take my work, my decisions, my problems, and my ordinary daily life in His completely able hands. So He did. He gave me the victory. Here, where I work, this particular day becomes totally crazy with tons of simultaneous things to do, and yet He helped me out, while the rest were nuts. I felt peace and joy over the whole day. This is the God that answer prayers when we totally depend on him and rest in Him. We only have to believe and He will do the rest. I love you Jesus so much. Thanks!!!

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