Friday, December 17, 2004

Dry Dock is Over

Ahhh!!! It was such a good time, such a good and enriching experience. Only to remind and re-live about through pictures is all we can do. I think I am in love with San Francisco city. Though I am sleepless for I spent most of my sleeping time out the last three days, I will not complain. I can say I am satisfied with the whole event. As we were slowly on our way out of the dock, and we were passing in front of memorable places like alcatraz island, under S.F. bay bridge, and S.F. golden bridge all with the city in the background and a clear and bright sky and one or two seals speaking between them, memories just filled my mind and happiness just overflowed. The whole 450 members of the crew of Pride were outside on open decks, everyone with either photo camara or video camara taking those last shots of this beautiful city. As we passed under the bridges, many of them waved to the people who intentionally stoped their cars in the middle of the bridges to wave us back. Still, some people like my boss wanted all my personel to be back indoors doing what they were doing, I had to nicely ask him to relax and let them enjoy the magnificent vista and moment with the rest of the tripulation. Now, we are going full speed to Los Angeles and these two coming weeks are going to be way to busy. Christmas and New Year, the ship is booked to the maximun. So a lot of work is coming from sunday on. And a second christmas and new year season away from home.

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Willer said...

I envy you - and yet I don't. As much as I would like to see California, I wouldn't be willing to go through New Years on a cruise ship to do it.

Good Luck and may the wind always be at your sails.