Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Napa Valley Trip

As this moment, I am sitting in an italian cafe in the middle of one of the biggest chinatown of US. Ironic huh. I came with a whole bunch of people from the ship, who to my dismay where heading to nights club. So I left them and started walking alone. Funny, cuz its kind of late in the night and I dont know the city at all. Anyway, its not all that bad, (not including how expensive leaving or visiting in here can be). Today early in the morning I went with some friends to Napa Valley. At first, I was sort of not interested, cuz I dont even drink. But only the bus ride to there worth it the 55 bucks I had to pay. The landcapes were gorgeous. We got to ride through the famous golden bridge of San Francisco and also the amazing long bay bridge. What was supposed to be a sunny day was extremely foggy and wild cold. Even so I enjoyed to the most the trip. We got to visit 4 differents families companies that produces famous wines. They showed us all about the whole process of making quality wines and all that stuff that I didnt know. (Its not that I know now, but at least I've an idea) Then we went to a town called sonoma, where we had lunch in a small restaurant. They had there the most delicious carrot cake. Then me and my friends went to walk around, trying not to get to wet with the rain. But it was beautiful. Well, I am drained. I am definitely tired and sleepy. However, although nothing would be more pleasent than having a sweet sleep, I just discovered that we dont have a/c onboard. (dry dock maintenance to the a/c system for the whole two weeks) How would I be able to sleep at all, when inside my cabin is extremely hot? Then, this is my dilema, if I decide to sleep inside my cabin I would fry myself to death, but if I decide to go to open deck and sleep in a sleeping bag, I probably would froze my butt off. Hummm....! Lets see what happens.


Anonymous said...

Well I pray all is well my bro. you do decide to visit some church there in Cali. I can tell you of some church I know that you can go or you can just look at our main web site : check it out for a location near you

crazyforJesus said...

it was me not anoymous, I don't know why it did that

Josh said...

thanks...its weird though. When I visited ohio early on this year, I did see so so so many churches all the way from Florida to Ohio. In every corner there was a church. In here, I have seen only one, and it was in Sonoma (Napa) In here, San Francisco downtown I havent seen not even one.
I am excited about visiting that one you mentioned.