Saturday, November 20, 2004

A day like today, 24 years ago, somewhere in mexico, at 4:00 am I had no idea I was about to arrive to this Earth, but I did. As I can remember from what mom said, it was a very tough moment for her and I was at high risk at that particular moment. However God did take control over the situation and everything ended right. Yes, today is my birthday. And the funny thing is that this is my second consecutive birthday I am so away from dad, mom and friends. Its kind of depressing in a way. I mean, I usually get kind of sad for my birthdays as I can recall, (which I dont know exactly why) but here it gets kind of worse. When I woke up this morning, first thing I did was to congratulate my roommate whose birthday is also today. He did wish me a happy day, so I did for him. Today is a very busy day so I wont have time for a special thing with my closest friends, so we decided to do something next wednesday. I feel kind of mentally and emotionally tired. I still have 4 months and a half to go. I wonder how I will resist. Lately I've been feeling like I dont have enough strengh to finish a day, even though I keep having my quite times and reading books about purpose for life. I dont, know, maybe God is trying to tell me something. I hope I can learn what it is soon. On the good note, today I've received quite some emails from these friends of mine who has been supporting me a lot in prayers and mean a lot to me. This one thing I know is helping me a lot during this time, I keep my mind busy thinking about them.


crazyforJesus said...

HEy there there bro Happy Birthday to you, May God richly bless you this day & may He direct your steps each day~peace out (tomorrows mine)=)

Willer said...

Happy belated Birthday bro. Your friends are pulling for you. So 4.5 months, eh? Should I be making plans to give you a tour of Starkville, Mississippi?