Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father´s Day a day to think and meditate about

Yesterday we celebrated yet another father's day down here in Panama amid the eventful sunday, while our national soccer team fought hard to give a memorable gift to all their fans including lots of dads.  Another opportunity to get together as a family, as we all get older and busy with life, job, etc.

Early in the morning I texted dad and said thanks for his love, sacrifice and life. I am well aware that in a world where the word love and sacrifice means something total different, I have managed to understand and get it clear to myself that most of what I am today is because of daddy's sacrificial love. He stopped buying things for himself in order to meet not only my needs but my desires and I can remember how out of love he would enjoy it all together.

Daddy taught me to ride my first bike, to play my first guitar chord, to shoot my first camera, to drive his car, the importance of saving and not wasting the money, but most importantly, he taught me to love God, he taught me about Jesus' sacrifice for me, about my sin and how without him I had no hope. Daddy taught me since a very young age the importance of a united family who worship God together and depends upon Him for everything.

I then told him, that I have a role and example to follow and that one day I would rise my own family and would have the foundation to build it from. I expect to do it even better, but based on the solid example he and mom set for me and my siblings to follow. My parents were far from being perfect, but one thing I am convinced of, is about his unconditional love, a love that goes beyond description, a love that is hard to catch on a few lines and get it on a piece of paper.

I still remember the times before him and the belt that would correct my bad behaviour. He would say something like this: "son, this hurts me more than it does to you, but I do it because I love you, and I want just the best for you...I dont expect you to understand it know, but one day you will thank me", at the time I was "yeah, whatever" and as time has past......boy, does he was right.

Thank you dad. Your shoes are still big for me to fill up, but I am on it, confident that I have what it takes and what I need and most importantly the Holy Spirit's guide.

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