Monday, April 25, 2011

Jesus, the Reason of the Season

Yesterday on our way back from the countryside to the city, I got into thinking about the importance to me as a Christ follower of the most important event ever in human kind history. Everyone talks, tweets, posts on facebook about it. Long ago are the days when you would only be dragged into the "mood" by the sudden change of sensual and violent TV programs to the most "appropriate" classics movies of Moses, the Passion and all sort of similar pictures.

Like a robot, everyone changes their mood and we are all led to think and behave in a different manner, just as we are led to think and behave when it is halloween, thanksgiving, christmas, carnival and so an so. But as the season is over, all is gone. No real sense or meaning at all of what we celebrate.

I decided not to spend sunday morning at church as I'd normally do for two reasons..., and boy did I enjoy the day with a group of friends who love Jesus. We enjoyed and celebrated the resurrected-Christ thru the freedom He won for us, the freedom to live our lives to the fullest without fear and guilt, without a constant burden of condemnation that sins would bring upon our shoulders.

We celebrated our friendship by talking and chatting and playing like kids, I personally felt God's love and bountifulness for me thru my five senses. Once again I remembered that life, is much more about than the monotone routine of waking up early in the morning, going to work, saying yes to the boss, getting stuck in the traffic jam and back to the house to only repeat the cycle all over again.

May I always, always remember specially during those grey monotone days that there is much more to it, that I can make it count not only for eternity but for the day to day, that it does not have to be bored and that everyday in the life I has been gifted, I may be the light, He meant I to be.

you guys!

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