Thursday, March 17, 2011

World: Help!!!

Today I want to talk about the heroes in Japan that are fighting as I write these lines, against every possible odd in order to contain and avoid the nuclear reactor dangerous situation, to become the next greatest catastrophe...the next Chernobyl.

Following the powerful quake and subsequent tsunami, a nuclear catastrophe warning became evident. Thousands of people in the vecinity of the nuclear plants are evacuated, only a handful of men and woman against their own lives have decided to stay behind and do the ultime sacrifice, effort to save their countryfellow folks from cancer and genetics diseases.
It is not mandatory, they do NOT have to do it, yet they are.

This reminds me of the true love for others modeled by Christ. He stripped from all his rights, his privileged position and did the dirty job, the one no one else could do. He understood, he had the means to achieve the salvation of the humanity.

I studied a little bit japan's cultural behaviour in college. One thing I know they value, is loyalty. For them, family is a sacred thing, the well being of their people is of national importance.

What makes a man decide to do anything that would bring him to death?

I think of today's world and how selfish we have became. Now, selfishness is not something new, it has been there for a good while. But with all sort of insecurities our world faces today, namely, terrorism, poverty, high oil prices, etc, we all tend to be extremely careful when it comes to making provision for oneself and forget about the rest. First me, second me and if possible third me.

How then, should a follower of Christ make the "love one to another as Christ loved us" become more alive and not just a pretty Bible story? How or what can we learn from the japanese culture and these handful of men and women that are working as I write these lines to save thousands and perhaps million of people while been aware of their possible death as a result of the radiation?

There should be a balance in everything, I can almost hear you reply. The Scripture tells us a different panorama. It shows us the broader picture of a people been taught to give up everything for the sake of others. But if I give my whole salary to the homeless guy on the corner of Via Espana avenue, then how will I survive? I think, the Scripture taught a deeper principle in here. It talks about a people who would care one for another one, where hard work, great community bonds and care for the needy would work all together for the good of the nation. What good does it have to give all to someone else, if that someone else is in need because of his own will?

The issue is as easy as it is difficult. We can only lay our lives for others if we have accepted Jesus's forgiveness into our hearts, we can only receive forgiveness into our hearts if we come to Him and repent. As a result, we would be better citizens, better parents,better students, better businessmen, better drivers on the traffic jams and better anything, you name it.

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