Saturday, April 09, 2011


Yesterday during praise and worship at church I was sitting behind my parents and suddently it hits me that my parents are aging up and they are no longer young and strong the way they used to be when they raised us up and I suddently got real sad. I love my pop and mom so much, I have been raised well in the love of Christ, they have been a great example of a christian life and have stayed together for over 30 years now . Dad is turning 56 in a few days, or so says facebook and I suddently am sad.

I know the cycle of life includes death and it is such a powerful painful feeling deep inside. In words of R.Warren, that feeling we have where we consider it is unfair to lose someone to death, is deep-wired inside every man's brain, sort of a innate-primitive thingy...yeah, no wonder why, after all we were created to live forever, we were not meant to physically die.

Anyways, dealing with this feeling today.

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